Offshore Development NEC Soft Cop Has 2 Billion Loss

This news was picked up by the magazine company called Niikei computer. NEC Soft Cop has failed offshore development in China, And then they had enormous loss in 2 billion yen.

As long as the author knows, it is not only NEC Soft but also other company has such experiences of case failed. Officers of IT vendors talk about it speak secretly, but it is usually thing looked from my side. The reason is "Tacit understanding" which is Japanese costom of Development commission. Person no matter how excellent technology in China and India can not develop high quality product with ambiguous requirments definition and design document. They can get some benefit by number of engineer and time because they contract their job by man-month unit price of order. Even just waiting or doing by themself untill accurate and detailed work instructions. That is fully natural providence, no body can not blame such circumstances. Western IT vendors dont do such same mistakes, Japan shouldnt do hide such failled case. In that sense, NEC Soft should be evaluate by frankly published althouogh a duty to disclose.

According to the NEC Soft, there are three reasons.
(1)The original schedule was tough.
(2)Development framework as a basis for development was inadequate.
(3)System deficiencies that the use of program components.
They don't blame the chinese vendor at all, it means they admit some trouble to system and how to request to them. Exactly in indeed domestic situation, they ask to subcontracting company even tight schedule. They did order same to Chinese company like Japanese without strict management. Project Manager might have direct responsibility for it, but there were some problem as structure and management mechanisms of compnay.

Anyway if NEC group learn something from this failed case, they can have advantage for strengthen the competitiveness of the future. So they need to consider measures to prevent recurrence as lessons learned in the group to share.










The difference of 20 between busy person and competently person

There are busy person and competently person in my field. Busy person are always saying "Im busy, Im busy" as a favorite phrase. I don't know why he is so busy from his results of work, but the said person might be busy. By saying "Im busy" might become his motivation.
In contrast competently person is working his own pace from other viewer, but actualy he is working a lot of task as results.
I summary the difference of 20 between busy person and competently person through how to work.

1.Busy person think that if he saying often "I'm busy" he would be evaluated by other person "it's cool and doing his best". Competenlty person think that it is proof of incompetence as saying "I'm busy".

2.Busy person is a weak sence of termination time. Competently person is a strong sence of schedule. He think I will finish my work on time absolutely.

3.Busy person don't think deadline seriously. Just before deadline, he start to work that job concentlately, it is inefficient. Competently person start to work with enough time before deadline.

4.Busy person can not control schedule if he has some emergency trouble. Competently person rarely is disturbed by emergency trouble.

5.Busy person immediately start to work and then think about the purpose of work and accomplishment object, when time is close to complete. Competently person start to work after he consider specifically the porpose of work and accomplishment object.

6.Busy person think that "I want to get private time." Competently person think that "I absolutely get private time" and he cherish such as time.

7.Busy person do lower level work than other expected therefor it will be lost time by modification. Competently person do higher level work than other expected, therefore he is praised by boss and coustomer sometimes, and it makes his motivation higer.

8.Busy person accepts actualy needless job and can not to decline. Competently person has only job he can well, and he can decline the needless job other people ask him.

9.Busy person start to work and then consider plan to complete. Competently person consider the plan to complete and then start to work.

10.Busy person don't consider the plan seriously. Competentoly person has the enough time to consider the plan.

11.Busy person are not good at approval to other person, therefore he has some trouble after completing his job. Competentoly person make the list of key person, therefore they don't say any objection.

12.Busy person's priority is decided by deadline, therefore his priority is close to deadline. Competentoly person's priority is efficent of the work and purpose and contribution.

13.Busy person can not make the circumstances to concentrate work. He has to think other things every time by calling and talking from other person. Competently people can make circumstances to concentrate work.

14.Busy person has times calling him more than he calling. Competently person has times to try to call someone more than calling him.

15.Busy person forget something he ask other person. And such person also forget to be asked, it would be trouble. Cometently prson never forget something he ask other person. And a person was asked not to forget it because he tryied to check it sometimes.

16.Busy person is not good at giveing someone a commission therefore he has to modify it by himself. Competently person are good at giveing someone a commission therfore he little have any trouble by imageing clearly the completion on meeting.

17.Busy person can not get time to study by himself. He is working always with same way. Competently person have the time to be able to study by himself. He is doing charenge any time for effcient way by knowledge from learning by himself.

18.Busy person work over thinking as same kind job. Competentoly person make the process to work as same kind of job without deeply thinking.

19.Busy person work without having enough sleep and not haveing the time to do exercise. Therefore they have bad condition. And it makes him mistake sometimes on the job, and makes his motivation lower. Competently person has enough sleep and having appropriate exercise in regularly. He little have some mistakes on the job by lack of concentration. He have always stable motivation.

20.Busy person accept easily busy status. Competently person doesn't accept busy status absolutely. He think it can not possible to accept.


What Is Socialism?

A Smith''s free-nonintervention policy at eightennth centry is belived that everyone can be become happy. Even if people act for self-centered, the society can keep the establishment by market mechanism. And Smith called it "Invisible hand of God". But actuly that free-nonintervention policy generate the big social issue like recurrent depression and huge gap between the rich and the poor. How we resolve such issues.

Two resolution is considered. The first one is modify or reform capitalism, the second one is deny capitalism and then generate the new socialist society. Keynes choosed modifed capitalism and Marx choosed Socialism.

Marx proved by his book called "capital" about how capitalism system has incoherence institution. It is natural thing that for people to break the capitalism system and try to generate new system, if "recurrent depression" and "huge gap between the rich and the poor" are happen by the reason of capitalism system. Threfore the new system called Socialism was generated in 19 century to make people happy by resolveing paradox of capitalism. People believe that they realize free and equality society without depression and poor by Socialism. And then at 1927, it was happen Rossia revolution, Soviet socialist state was generated firstly in the world. And the grand experiment of the centry started that Socialism can make people happier than Capitalizm.

The feature of Socialism is three point. Firstly goverment change national property(land and factory) from private property. It meens that it try to remove capitalist to promote the equality of income distribution for resorving bankruptcies and unemployment issue. You can image that all workers are public employee. Secondly goverment try to handle planned economy by themself. They can control something how many we make and what we make and how much we sold. threfore they can avoid depression and inflation. Thrd people should pursue social benefit not private profit. Threfore they can recover the delight of working.

Was The Realization Of Socialism( example of Former Soviet Union )
People live in Capitalizm society have a lot of negative image about Socializm. But Socializm society also has some positive point like no Rich-poor gap and no depression and no unemployment, no infrastructure and extensive social welfare and cheap public fare.

Why Was Soviet Union Collapse
Socialism exactly had overcomed the lack of Capitalizm. Nevertheless Why Socialism not go well. In 1991 Soviet Union was collapsed by bellow next three reason.

1.Falling economic growth rate
Marx thought that people would work with delight for everyone even if they make the society to pursue social benefit not for private benefit. But actualy worker's motivation was so lower. It is not strange thing that there are so many worker who don't try to work seriously if their salary is not change wherther they work hard or not. Centrlized planned economy generate a huge bureaucracy system, it makes them stagnant innovation and significant inefficiency.

2.Suppression of Political Freedom
Essence of freedom is that we can object against the power of the state. We can say that country is free as we have the freedom to criticize power.



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