The difference how to work


Today Im talking about difference with Indian and Japan of how to work in engineer field through my experience.

At first, I need to mention about my previous project in japan before I join this company. I had worked for 6 month under a project leader who is intelligence and so strict. He is not normal employee, he has worked the company by individual contract. That is rare case in japan, Almost of engineer are belong to some company. I had learned a lot of things from him, like how to work, and what is job. I had just worked under him only six months, and I said him that I want to left your project to work in other country in 3 month latter. He said that I have nothing to teach any more a person who quite soon. He was so angry and said, If I know you have such plan, I don' make you join my project absolutely. But he let me learn so many thing for me.

On the work most important thing is protect the deadline of work, If you have no deadline work is not the work, that is just hobby. if it is hobby, It is not matter and problem when finish the work, anytime you can do even if you fail nobody don't care. but work is not kind of thing absolutely.

In his project, every project member have to send email to everyone at everyday about their plan and progress of the day before we left company . And next morning we have to report progress of previous day and the work what we do on the day. Until he or she have finish their task, they can not go back to home. and if they haven' finish their task, we have to consider the reason why we can not complete, and need to improve to fish on time.

That was so strict circumstance. I always go back to my home at am 0 or 1 o'clock. I can not finish my work on time because I was new staff in his project, but he talked to me, need to finish my work even if I don't know how to complete. I was scold by him almost everyday. But back on that days it was precious time to know how to work. That project team was so higher level compare the other project ever I have experience in japan.

And now I came to India and join india project team, at first I was so surprised the difference with the team I was in. I started skillup course of programing in here, after I finish one of the skillup task I need to say something to my boss. And
if he say that please wait some time until I need check it over reading some text book. He made me wait a couple days. I thought how slowly, and I knew Indian is said their characteristic is lazily. Besides we have a group meeting only a day one week. And team member reported their weekly task on a few sentence. I wondered how reader manage their task such short report. And on the team we don't share our task at all. A person who is new comer doesn't have any contact except his boss on the work. he or she are not able to know what their team member doing. When I was in Japan, on the my team we always share any information by using chat or by using daily email report.
That is so important thing for new comer to know how to work in team, It makes them start real work easily after finish their skillup task and to keep motivation.

And I surprised that when new comer have a skillup task, they don't have deadline. It mean that It is not problem when they finish, if they do not finish their task on the day or week, whenever they can go back home. And if he finish their task, reader makes wait a few days. It make motivation lower absolutely. If their progress is so late, It is not problem. Because they don't share their progress with team member. How lazy and slowly working style I thought when I come here and this is the difference with japanese. In India the train is how late, people don't care about it, in japan train alway come on time. And people accustom it since they born in this contry. And I wonder without any deadline task and no daily progress how they decide the time left company, and I wonder almost of staff go back at so late time even though new comer. why?

Now my boss changed other person who is young, but I think he try to understand what I feel and think maybe. In my team we report daily progress by email, and we have daily meeting, and we are using chat to share information. If a person don't do anything a few days, team member would wonder. And they doubt how to work of team reader and management skills. By sharing any information on their team, we can avoid laziness. We have to always open what we are doing to everyone definitely no any exception.

Conclusion I think that Indian are not good at considering process to finish their task but they are good at program skills and language skills maybe. It is said that Japanese engineer has gone in near future because of low cost of Asia engineer. But japanese engineer are good at consider process. it mean japanese have a huge advantage in Asia. and I think this is the only way for japanese have advantage against lower labor.





I became to be interested in Israeli culture When I met them in Goa.
some of them penetrate peculiar goa style by changing their hear style, tattooed on their body and starting to inhale drags. besides they were so beautiful and mysterious atmosphere. and as well I really wonderd that why their race is white like European although israel is one of the arab countries.
I found the answer from one web site.

In Israel many Jewish has lived, Speaking of Jewish they are so famous as intelligence people like einstein, there are many Scientist, musicians, and having power in the USA. They has stayed in Europe and Russia and Asia also, and almost of them are whilte.
This answer that it exists two kind of Jewish. One is Sufaradi jewish, Other is Ashukenaji jewish.

Firstly I'm going to talk Sufaradi jewish that they exist on the old testament as real Jewish. Their appearance is block hear and block eyes, body color is also same with other arab people.

Constact of them, Sufaradi Jewish is different. Russia and America, European Jewish is not relation with Sufaradi jewish. For long time ago, They had lived in black sea and Caspian sea of north area, they were called Hazaru people.

In those days they changed to Jewish for arriving from Christian forces and Muslim forces. It was not so difficult for them, because It not depend on race whether they are Jewish or not, important thing is only believe or not.
They call themselves as jewish to insist that palestine is our religion. Almost of white person who live in israel and in the world are origin Hazaru people.

Until generate Israel country, almost of Sufaradi Jewish who has same color with arab had lived with palestinian friendly. After World war 2 Britain try to control arab oil, they start to build the country as called israel. By Britain expectation many white jewish start to colonize to israel. In back those back ground they was persecuted by many european seriously in those days. they don't have other choce to escape without going to Israel. From viewed Palestinians side, so many people who called themselves as Jewish and who different the race and culture happenlly come Palestinians's region. That was start of Palestinian problem.

Israel was made by Britain and America on purpose to control arab oil. and that is reason while people live in israel. And still continue the war Arab countries vs USA and Israel.
And this story has already known by many people in the world.


Japanese Economic



Japanse Economic

I explain to Japanese Economic with concentrated employment rate for younger. Because younger people's employment rate is quite related with economic.

The employment rate people graduate university was increasing until 2008 with low growing congestion. Because In those days, a lot of older people who spend high economic growth period retire. So company need to replenish new working force. But suddenly the circumstance was changed by huge recession from America. Job search term for university student is called employment ice age. And that circumstance has been worse year by year and I think it wouldn't change to better direction thereafter because of some factors.

The first reason, sharply appreciation of the yen and risk diversification of disaster. Some export oriented company has received heavy damage by sharply raise currency. That company's management team would think seriously than before to make plants and development centers in abroad, to avoid risk of appreciation, besides occurred disaster in 2011.

And next reason, the talented resource in Asia. In last year, Panasonic which is famous company in electronic has decided to adopt Asian student 60 percent of the total number of new employed to advance Asian markets more. And other big company would imitate this movement.
Besides a part of company like UNIQLO and RAKUTEN has produced to change to English from Japanese in official language to adopt talented resource in the Asia. This decision was picked up by many media. Because Japanese company has't need English on business for long term.

By these reason employment for younger people in japan will be deprived by other countries new worker more and more. But I'm not pessimistic about japan's future. Because I has lived in asia, and I know how difference our high quality with other country. They have a lot of problems before advanced countries. For example support of public official men, and political corruption, infrastructure of transport and network, and air pollution and duty load and town, some people's lack of humanity and lower management etc...

Japan would have maintain higher advantage in economic in Asia.









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