Why younger employee quit their company within 3 years?

I will introduce you a book which title is [why people quit their company within 3 years?]. This book was published at 2006, and then become best seller. In those days, it is said that 30 percent of employee would quit their company in 3 years. In other country, this phenomenon might not be unnormal. But japan is not, because almost of employee is protected their working life by permanent emplyment and seniority system. It is quite normal thing in unconsciously that they started to work after graduating universiy, they would have work untill 60 years and then get pension from country and also company for ther them old age.

well recently why younger employee try to quit their company although their working life is guaranteed. This book shows this answer from younger peopler's viewpoint. We ofen have hard from a lot of media like TV, newspeaper that recently young people is lazy and idle, not try to work hardly than compare a few decade ago. Older person accuse younger a such reason, and that is normal view. If you glance the title of this book, almost of people would think lazy younger people. But this book is not such kind book, and this is the reason this book became best seller. Subtitle has as "Seniorty system deprive future from younger"

What is Seniorty system? It shows that employee should work for only company in younger age even if it is monotonous and unintersted work. And they become older, then naturally their tecnical skill and salaly is higer year by year. If they obye company's order, they are able to have some better post, it means careea plan is given from company, they don't need to consider career.

But to keep senioty system, we have some important requirement. It means company have generate benefit permanently. But buble is collapse absolutely so it is reason buble is called buble. it means collapse of seniorty systems and permanent employment. And in place of adopt of new employment, they need to consider the their own plan what they want to do. and it occur the huge gap between company side and younger employee. If they have a own career plan to except their future, the company can not respond well. Then brilliant people decide to quite company. It exist some risky possible that if younger obey any order for company, but thot company don't have ability to respond it than before.

it is said this system is collapse for a long time ago, but actually it remain deeply in our society. I always wonder when I see some representative of company on the TV and magaizene, they are how older, althought older is not creative and not try to challenge new thing, forgettable and something. Besides it shows conspicuously in bigger and bigger company and close to public company and plitician.

This book shows that we has live in such our sense of value which has made in only growth economy days and it still remain in our society in any time, in any situation like to chose the school and company to talk our friend and farmily to marry someone to have date with girl in any situation we have. And writer said that we need remove such particular value in our head, and people should counsider to make career plan by themselves not from company.






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